50 thousand downloads on Android – now fantastic

The AppsGeyser company claims: the chances of gaining several tens of thousands of downloads without ads in 6 months for a regular application on the Google platform are reduced to zero. 

AppsGeyser in its blog published the results of an original study based on data obtained by the company from more than 100 thousand Android applications. AppsGeyser conducted monitoring from April to December 2011 in 200 countries. 

50 thousand downloads in 6 months

While applications like Angry Birds remain at the top of the charts, not so popular programs (average) are drowning in stores. Since April 2011, the chances of the application reaching the 50 thousandth download mark have seriously dropped. This happened for many reasons, including due to increased competition in app stores. 

500 downloads in 6 months

If the chances of achieving a relatively high number of downloads without marketing costs have significantly decreased, then the situation with passing the modest threshold of 500 downloads has been reversed. Since April, the chances of the application gaining half a thousand downloads have doubled. This can be explained both by the growth of user interest in mobile applications and by the improvement of navigation in many stores. 

100 thousand for 6 months

The release of an entire network, including 7 or more applications, significantly increases the chances of collecting over 100 thousand downloads in 6 months. And all because the developer can resort to cross-promotion within his network.

A source: http://www.appsgeyser.com/

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