Gameloft is gaining licenses

A few days ago, a French publisher signed contracts with several film studios to develop mobile games based on the most anticipated May (and not only) blockbusters of this year. 

With 20th Century Fox, the French from Gameloft agreed to develop a game based on the fourth part of Ice Age (“Ice Age”). The game will be released on “most smartphones and tablets” this spring and will be called Ice Age Village. 

With the Japanese from Sony Pictures, the developers agreed to create a game adaptation for the third part of Men in Black 3 (“Men in Black”). The project is planned to be launched on iOS and Android simultaneously with the start of the worldwide distribution of the film on May 25. 

Americans from Warner Bros. Pictures also turned to Gameloft, as, indeed, their colleagues from Marvel: the first gave a license for The Dark Knight Rises (“The Dark Knight Rises”), the second for the upcoming The Avengers (“The Avengers”) and The Amazing Spider-Man (“Amazing Spider-ManMen”). 

So very soon we will have a whole wave of high-profile projects and, most likely, equally high-profile sales and downloads. 

However, such an extensive game line, the lack of screenshots and the close release dates are alarming. Gameloft may well adopt the vicious practice of the “big” games industry to release low-quality projects “based on motives”. 

A source: http://www.intomobile.com

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