iPad 3 Problems

Developers will have problems when developing an application for the new iPad, – according to the studio 10tons. In addition, the developers doubt that the third iPad will pull applications in this resolution.

Tero Alatalo, president and CEO of 10tons studio, told in detail in his blog exactly what difficulties game developers will face when working with the new generation of iPad that is going on sale today.

“A resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels is a lot. Insanely much. This is 4 times more than before,” he begins.

Creating a high-end application that will support all four iOS resolutions will make its distribution very heavy.” 

“In addition, the new resolution will require additional work on the part of developers, often a complete redrawing, since simply zooming in on the image in Photoshop will no longer be enough.” 

But it’s not just that artists will have to re-draw everything, there are more serious problems. The fact is that no one has displays that support such a resolution. 

Even the excellent Apple Cinema Display does not support a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels,” exclaims Alatello. 

Moreover, 10tons found that the iOS simulator on the iMac slows down very much if it is run in the resolution of the “new iPad”. 

For this reason, Alatello also wondered if the A5X chip would be able to handle applications designed to be viewed on the new screen.

By the way, not only he doubts the performance of the new device. 

Byron Atkinson-Jones, the founder of Xiotex Studios, admitted that he admired the Retina screen, but at the same time would be surprised if the speed of the new device will not differ from the speed of the iPad 2. 

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