Amazon is going to introduce micropayments

The creators of Kindle Fire have finally decided to introduce micropayments into Amazon Appstore applications. However, it is unclear exactly when developers will be able to monetize their products.

So far, Amazon has just launched a beta version of the SDK for developers that implements micropayments in applications. Moreover, access to it is only “by invitation” (you can sign up here). But, according to sources pocketgamer.biz very soon Amazon will officially announce the innovation.

Given the growing popularity of Kindle Fire among Android users and developers, it can be assumed that the integration of micropayments in the Amazon Appstore will be the strongest catalyst in the development of the application ecosystem.

The possibility of monetization of free applications will completely change the Amazon market, about the current state of which we wrote in detail a couple of days ago, and will also actively contribute to its already rapid growth.

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