Developers about iPad 3

Mobile game developers share their expectations about the upcoming announcement and release of the iPad 3.

The release of a new device from Apple is just around the corner, which means a new standard for both tablet manufacturers and developers who will need to optimize their applications for the new platform. 

It is more than likely that the iPad 3 will provide them with new opportunities to implement their own ideas. At the very least, the new Retina screen and quad-core processor will contribute to this.  

So in connection with the upcoming announcement on March 7, journalists with pocketgamer.biz we asked the developers what exactly they expect from the new Apple device. 

Will Luton

Creative Director of Mobile Pie StudioFrom the iPad 3?

I’m waiting for the live broadcast of the event. Looking back, I realize that I missed a lot by not witnessing the launch of the iPhone 4S.

Apple puts on–at least it did in the Jobs era–great shows. I’m sure Tim Cook won’t let you down either. So I really want to see what he will show.

If we talk about the device itself, then, of course, the new iPad should have Siri.  

I will keep silent about how much the situation with games on the App Store will change after the release of the device: first I would like to look at the device itself. 

Andrew John Smith

Executive Director of Spilt Milk StudiosI just hope that we will get an improved version of the old device in the case, and we will not have to redo all the games for it. 

Additional “horsepower” is always welcome, but I’m one of those developers who like to think that it’s possible to make a cool game without thinking about more polygons. 

If in general, the appearance of the iPad 3 will increase the loyalty of users to the current games. 

Some of the developers, of course, will try to enter the field of console games, but, as for me, you need to play on your own field. 

Also, we will definitely see more wonderful games and more people playing them. Which is wonderful! 

Paul Taylor

Executive Director of Mode 7 GamesWe hope for a significant jump in the graphics performance of the device – this may lead to the appearance of really impressive projects.


The main feature of the iPad 3 will, without a doubt, be a Retina-class screen. Any project that takes advantage of this particular advantage of the new Apple device will look amazing. 

Ste Pickford

Founder of Zee-3The main thing I would like from the iPad 3 is that it does not exist.

Or, at least, so that the number of innovations in it would be minimized.

The fact is that the iPhone has revolutionized, thanks to the fact that it has formed an entire market based on just one device. It was originally close to game consoles in many ways. So developers could spend their time not on optimizing the game for each device, but on developing one project for a specific platform. 

It was this concept that made possible the existence of small studios like ours. When developing a game for iOS, we didn’t have to worry about supporting a dozen devices. 

Every new iPhone and iPad worsens this situation, as each of their new features increases the level of fragmentation in the market.

For a developer, it is better when there is one platform with a known hardware, a platform in which you can be sure that it will last for some time without changes. 

There are, of course, other disadvantages in the appearance of the iPad 3. The same Retina screen with its gigantic resolution will lead not so much to an improvement in graphics as to a drop in performance and an increase in loading time, even despite the new processor. 

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