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As always on Mondays, we prepare a small information block on the most interesting events, research, and facts of recent days. In this release: apps in the Android Market are much more expensive than in the App Store and Windows Marketplace; paid flash support has appeared on iOS.

Golden Android

Analysts from Canalys came to the conclusion that Android applications are too expensive. The researchers calculated that in the Android Market, programs are, on average, 2.5 times more expensive than on iOS. 

To obtain evidence, it is enough to add up the cost of hundreds of top paid applications on each of the platforms. Which, in fact, was done in Canalys. As a result , they received the following figures:

Total cost of the top 100Android Market – $374.37 (average, $3.74 per app)

Apple App Store – $147 (average, $1.47 per app)  

So it turns out that paid Android apps cost users 2.5 times more than paid iOS apps.

According to Canalys, this situation has developed for two reasons. 

1. The App Store has a more mature, competitive environment that forces developers to lower the price of their products.

2. Android users don’t really like spending their money on apps. Developers on this platform are trying to compensate for this by increasing prices for those who still buy them.

Analysts also found out that the tops of the Android Market and the Apple App Store are very different from each other. They found only 19 titles present in both markets. Most of them relate to bestsellers like Where’s My Water?, Cut the Rope and Fruit Ninja.

The prices for such projects are either the same for both platforms, or the price tag of the Android application is much higher – as in the case of Monopoly ($0.99 on the App Store and $4.99 on the Android Market). 

Moreover, it turns out that the average price for applications in the Microsoft Marketplace is also lower than that of the official Android market. 

Bloggers with WPDang.com it was estimated that it is, on average, $ 3.01 per application. This is twice as much as on the App Store, but 17% less than on the Android Market. 

On WPDang.com they also noted that the “average temperature in the hospital” is greatly raised by games with Xbox Live, prices for which start at three dollars.  

Access to flash on iOS will cost $ 5

A couple of months ago, we wrote about the release of the OnLive stream service on mobile platforms. Thanks to this, some hardcore games – including Assassin’s Creed Revelations and Saint’s Row: The Third – it has been possible to play on a tablet for a long time. 

In January, it also became known about the release of the free version of OnLive Desktop, which allows you to stream Windows 7 on iPad. Despite the ability to work with documents and launch videos, there was no access to Internet Explorer in this version. 

But it will appear in Onlive Desktop Plus. And with it, the ability to view Flash on an iPad. This joy will cost $ 5 a month. In addition to Internet Explorer in Onlive Desktop Plus, the user, according to company representatives, will get full control over Windows 7.

According to PCWorld, it is also planned to release a premium version that will allow you to save up to as much as 50 GB on the OnLive server (instead of the standard 2 GB). However, it will cost users as much as $ 10 per month. 

Given that the OnLive service is designed primarily for streaming games, it can be assumed that the speed of Internet Explorer and Flash in it will be as fast as possible.

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