Has Apple decided on a date?

The announcement of the iPad 3 will take place on March 7th. AT&T and Verizon have confirmed that the device will be equipped with LTE. 

Despite the fact that Apple has not made official statements yet, sources close to the company claim that the release of the iPad 3 is scheduled for March 7. This was stated yesterday by the editor of iMore Rene Ritchie (Rene Ritchie). His words were confirmed by Jim Dalrymple, one of the largest experts on Apple, very close to the company’s insider circles. 

Also, the two largest American operators – AT&T and Verizon – have officially confirmed that they will support LTE in new Apple devices. In other words, a new standard for mobile data transmission will appear on the iPad 3, whose speed, in theory, can now reach 326 Mbps per reception.

The price of the device is likely to be $499. 

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