Mobile games: how much is spent on them per day?

An hour and a half a day is about how much an American user spends on working with mobile applications. And half of this time falls on games.

Flurry shared some interesting statistics: it turns out that the average American user spends more time on mobile applications (on both platforms) than on the mobile Internet. What is especially curious is that the difference only grows over time: in June 2011, the user spent, on average, 81 minutes a day on applications and 74 minutes a day on the network, but already in December 2011, the user spent 94 minutes a day on applications and 72 minutes a day on the network.

It also became known that most of this time – 49% (or 46 minutes) – is spent by users on gaming applications. Another 30% is accounted for by social media applications (by the way, Facebook’s monthly active mobile audience is more than 300 million users). Non-gaming entertainment takes up 7% of the time, another 6% goes to the news, as for the remaining 8%, Flurry classifies them as Other.

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