iPad 3 is coming soon

There is a version that the next iPad will be shown at the annual iWorld festival on January 26, 2012.

Apple is going to demonstrate the next-generation iPad at iWorld on January 26. According to unofficial data from DigiTimes, the new version of the tablet will be presented in two versions. Apparently, with 32 and 64 gigabytes on board. There will be no version in the low price category. Instead, according to analysts, Apple will leave the iPad 2 on the market.

There were rumors that “yablochniki” are also going to introduce the iPad 2 with 8 gigabytes. This will allow the Apple tablet to finally compete with the Kindle Fire in the same price range. Apple itself declined to comment on the news.

As for the rumors about the appearance of a model with a 7.85-inch screen, they remained rumors. The third iPad will still be 9.7 inches. However, the resolution of its screen will be 2048×1536 pixels, and not the outdated 1024×768, like the current model. The iPad 3 will also have increased screen brightness.

Journalists claim that processors for Apple are still manufactured by Samsung. Sharp is responsible for the screens of the new devices. As for the 8 megapixel camera of the new model, Sony is engaged in its manufacture.

By the way, according to DigiTimes sources from Apple’s supply channels, the company itself is gradually reducing the number of its orders for the iPad 2, while orders for the production of other devices remain at the same level. Whether this means that the “apple” giant plans to curtail the production of the iPad 2, as it did a year ago with the first iPad, is not known. But if the reduction really takes place, then the version about playing with Kindle Fire on the same price field may remain a beautiful fiction.

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