Active Christmas

On one day alone – December 25, 2011 – 6.8 million smartphones were activated, while half of the activations were on Android. Microsoft Corporation, in turn, boasted of the number of applications in the Windows Phone Market.

In the market of smartphones and mobile systems, not a week goes by without another record. Then Google will report a significant number of downloads, then Apple will be pleased with something similar. This time a small Christmas miracle happened – the record turned out to be joint.

During the Catholic Christmas day alone, the number of activations of devices on the iOS and Android platforms jumped by 353% compared to normal indicators. If during December the number of daily activations varied between 1.3 and 1.8 million, then on December 25 their number rose to an astronomical amount of 6.8 million activations. This was reported in its blog by the analytical company Flurry, which carries out monitoring. According to her own data, a year ago this figure was significantly less – 2.8 million activations.

As for downloads, they also had a “jump” of more than 100%. During the holiday, users downloaded various applications and games more than 242 million times. For comparison, the average amount of daily downloads on both platforms reaches 108 million.

Immediately after the press release from Flurry, Google published its own data on the number of activations, however, not in one, but in two days – for Christmas Eve and Christmas. According to these numbers, in two days, users activated 3.7 million Android-based devices.

Microsoft Corporation could not resist the joyful post-Christmas messages. However, there were no records: the number of applications for the Windows Phone Market reached the 50 thousandth barrier. For comparison, there are almost 600 thousand of them in the App Store, 350 thousand in the Android Market.

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