Post-Apocalypse on iOS

Stockholm studio Scattered Entertainment, headed by former Battlefield executive producer Ben Cousins, has announced a post-apocalyptic mobile shooter The Drowning for iOS.

 The game, which, among other things, promises graphics of “console” quality, will be released early next year. It is not difficult to guess that it will belong to the free-to-play category. 

According to the plot of the game, a mysterious new type of oil begins to flow from deep-water wells, which begins to “capture” populated territories, and people exposed to it eventually turn into monsters. The player will take on the role of one of the survivors of this disaster.

Such traditional multiplayer modes as deathmatch or capture the flag are not provided here, but it will not do without a multi-user social asynchronous mode, within which players will be able to cooperate to perform certain tasks and receive additional unique content for this. 

And finally, it should be said that developers see such an important factor for a shooter as first-person control. In their opinion, no virtual on-screen joysticks are suitable for this. And therefore, for The Drowning game, its creators have developed a control system in which only two fingers of one hand are used, and their movements are similar to the standard multi-touch gestures – tap, swipe, pinch to zoom, etc.

Let’s add that Scattered Entertainment, formerly called Ngmoco Sweden, belongs to the Japanese mobile giant DeNA.

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