Apple Billions

According to Apple, the number of downloads from the App Store has exceeded 18 billion.

A press release has appeared on Apple’s website, according to which, the number of downloads from the App Store has reached the 18 billion mark. The company also officially confirmed that there are currently more than 500 thousand different applications in the App Store.

Despite the impressive download figures, they reflect negative growth dynamics. In July of this year, the increase in downloads compared to January was 5 billion: from 10 billion in January to 15 billion in July. Now it is only 3 billion. Based on the final results of the current month, the figure is unlikely to grow by more than 1 billion. As they say, not impressive. 

Especially when compared with the figures shown by Android: from March to July, the growth of downloads on this platform doubled – from 3 billion in March to 6 billion in July. Over the next five months, the number of downloads, which we wrote about recently, has already increased by 4 billion, reaching a total of 10 billion.

So there is nothing surprising in the fact that some analysts call 2011 the year of the Android platform.

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