Android surpassed BlackBerry in the number of corporate users

According to the latest research by Zscaler, the share of Android from the total number of transactions of the three leading mobile platforms was 40%. This is a big breakthrough compared to the second quarter, in which the Google platform owned only 17% of transactions.

For comparison, BlackBerry has 37%, and iOS has 22%.

These figures are the result of an analysis of all mobile traffic in the Zscaler network, which provides services in the field of information security. Both the volume of mobile traffic and the number of transactions continued to grow during the last quarter. But Android showed the biggest growth, primarily outside the United States.

“The number of transactions among corporate clients continued to grow. At the same time, we noticed that Android has the largest number of users and their distribution around the globe,” the report says. “Android also has the largest number of transactions.”

iOS, which moved to third place in the last quarter, has lost almost half of its share of global transactions since the second quarter. Then she owned 42%. In the US, however, both iOS and BlackBerry are more popular than Android.

Most often, mobile users visit social networks. But corporate services, web search and news sites are the most visited by corporate users.

Internet Explorer remains the most popular browser among business users, its share is 53%. But more and more users are also looking for alternative browsers. 10% belongs to Firefox. And Safari, thanks to the increasing spread of devices on iOS, won 7% in this quarter. 


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