HP is still the leader among non-Apple tablets in the USA

Hewlett-Packard’s TouchPad tops the top non-Apple tablets sold from January to October 2011.  He now owns 17% of the market, according to NPD Group. Samsung is in second place with 16% of the market.

In third place is Asus with 10% of the market, followed by Motorola and Acer, which each own 9%. RIM with its PlayBook did not even enter the top five.

The volume of the global market of non-Apple tablets amounted to only 1.2 million devices in 10 months, which is disproportionate to the volume of the iPad market. For comparison, in the last quarter alone, iPad sales totaled 11.2 million copies.

However, NPD notes that sales of non-Apple tablets during 2011 are growing every quarter.  In the third quarter of 2011, sales volumes doubled compared to the second quarter of the same year, while in the second quarter sales tripled compared to the first three months of the year.

“If you look at the tablet market without Apple, there are several quality brands that want to lead in this niche,” says Steven Baker, vice president of research at NPD. “According to our data, 67% of users who have bought a non-Apple tablet do not even consider an iPad as an alternative. A large group of users are looking for other tablet options, so this market will only grow.”

The figures show that the non-Apple tablet market in the US is dominated by companies that make Windows-based computers. One of the reports published last week proves that the leading manufacturers of personal computers, including HP, Acer and Asus, plan to smoothly enter the tablet market in 2012.

However, do not forget the Amazon Kindle Fire tablet, whose deliveries to stores began on November 15. According to the analytical company ChangeWave, it has become the second most popular tablet on the market after the iPad. Nevertheless, Kindle Fire is unlikely to have a big impact on the level of iPad sales – rather, other companies will “feel” the appearance of a new player.

According to analysts’ forecasts, Apple will be able to sell 12-13 million iPads in the current quarter, while Amazon expects no more than 5 million devices sold. However, next year the situation may change not in favor of Apple, according to some experts.

The market of non-iPad tablets in the USA will “collect” $415 million in 2011. If we take into account the sale of accessories, the figure will increase to $ 700 million.

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