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Interview with Infinite Dreams, the authors of the recent super iOS hit Jelly Defense. In the App Store, the game quickly found itself on the 1st place in the Strategy and Kids subcategories in almost all countries, despite the fact that Jelly Defense is available only in English. Marek Wyszynki, one of the founders of the company, told us about his achievements, views on development, promotion and monetization.

Tell us a few words about Infinite Dreams – where are you, how long have you been in the gaming industry?Infinite Dreams office is located in Gliwice, Poland.

We have been making games for more than 10 years. From the very beginning, we set a very high bar for the quality of our products – we do not launch the game until we are 100% satisfied with it. That’s probably why we usually get very good reviews! Now our team consists of about 15 people who work on games for iOS, Android, WP7, Mac, Nintendo DSi, Sony PS and other platforms.

How many games and for which platforms have you made?

We’ve made quite a few games over the years. Exactly more than 15 (some of them are “big”). iOS, Android and Mac platforms are now a priority. But we also make games for DSi, PSP, Wii, Windows Phone 7 and Symbian.

Which of them were the most successful?The most successful titles are Can Knockdown, Let’s Create!

Pottery, Jelly Defense and Sky Force. But there will be others soon!

What places in the tops did they occupy?In the US Overall Top Paid apps for iPhone, we had the 16th place and the 2nd place in the similar top for iPad.

But we took the first places in the top paid applications of many other countries.

You launched Jelly Defense for iOS and Android almost simultaneously – which version has more downloads and sales?All I can say is that sales on iOS are significantly higher now than on Android.

I think the markets are very different. To be successfully sold on Android, you need to find the right way to monetize. We are going to think a lot about this in the future.

In which countries is Jelly Defense sold?In all.

And, by the way, for example, the Russian Android market is the second largest for us. Thanks! =)

What inspired you to create this game?At first there was an idea to make a simple tower defense based on different colors.

We wanted to make the game very easy so that everyone could immediately understand what’s what – even those who are not familiar with the mechanics of tower defense. Over time, this idea was “overgrown” by others, and we created a whole world of jelly in which our characters live.

Now the game is distributed on a paid model – are you going to integrate in-game purchases?I can’t say anything for sure, but we are definitely thinking about it.

And why did you choose a paid distribution model? What do you think is more profitable – paid or in-ap purchase?Both models can work very well.

And, of course, a lot depends on the platform. For example, the paid version of Angry Birds sells well on iOS, and at the same time the free version for Android also brings considerable income. Each situation is unique and should be considered separately.

How often should updates be released (in your experience)? We try to release updates when they are needed.

A lot depends on player feedback. If we see a lot of people asking for new features, we try to make an update with these features.

How do you promote your games?We are actively working on Facebook and Twitter.

Reviews, contests, distribution of promo codes, etc. also help.

What is the most effective way, in your opinion?I think word of mouth works best.

What could be more effective when your friend recommends you a good game? The only thing you need to be sure of the high quality of your game. This is a priority for us!

What would you recommend to other developers?

Focus on quality. Do not expect that the first game will be mega-successful. If this does not happen, consider your mistakes and make the next one better. Good luck!

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