Two out of every three smartphones in the US are based on iOS or Android

Apple and Google already own more than two-thirds of the smartphone market in the US, according to the latest comScore report.

Andriod’s dominance in the US smartphone market has grown from 38.1% to 43.7%, the share of iOS has also increased, though not so much: in three summer months – from 26.2% to 27.3%.

While Android has gained a lot, three platforms — BlackBerry, Windows Phone and Symbian — have reduced their market shares.

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Symbian already has no escape routes: it now owns only 1.8% of the market. Microsoft can feel more or less comfortable: it has lost only one tenth of a percent in the smartphone market, despite the fact that the new version of Windows Phone 7 is still only taking its position in the market. BlackBerry’s market share has fallen from 24.7% to 19.7%, which is much more sad, as it shows that RIM has nothing to oppose smartphones based on Android and iOS.

In the field of mobile phone manufacturers, Apple in the USA has the largest increase in market share – by 1.1%, which secured it in fourth place. Samsung is also doing well: the number of their subscribers has increased by 0.5%. As a result, its market share was 25.3%, this is the first place in the rating.

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The second and third places also belong to LG and Motorola, both of which have slightly decreased market share. RIM, as a result of losing one percent of its market share, moved to fifth place.

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