Wealthy smartphone users choose BlackBerry

Apple’s iPhone has always been on the radar in the field of mobile technology, and the release of the new iPhone 5, which is just around the corner, only adds fuel to the fire. However, a recent study has shown that not everything is so simple.

According to a survey by Prosper Mobile Insights, which was attended by 25 thousand respondents, wealthy smartphone users prefer Blackberry, and people with average income most often opt for Android.

Among the wealthiest smartphone owners (with an annual income of over $ 150,000), 11.3% choose BlackBerry, 10.9% – iPhone and only 7.2% prefer Android.

A similar picture can be observed among users with income from 100,000 to 149,000 dollars per year: 21.2% prefer BlackBerry, 15.8% – iPhone, 15.8% choose Android.

The study showed a slight preponderance of the iPhone in the group of users with income from 75,000 to 99,000 dollars. Here, about 20% prefer the iPhone and only 18.7% prefer BlackBerry.

Android smartphones are less common among affluent users, but they are popular among middle-class consumers with an annual income of $35,000 to $49,000 per year. Android accounts for 14.3% of this consumer group.

Blackberry smartphones are common in business, while the iPhone is becoming increasingly popular in the corporate environment. Most BlackBerry users are businessmen and business leaders. They don’t use apps or mobile internet very often.  According to the study, only 59.5% of BlackBerry users download apps, while the same indicator for the iPhone is 85%.

Perhaps the reason for the iPhone lagging behind Blackberry in several consumer groups (in addition to the price difference) is how multitasking is implemented in it: the iPhone does not allow third-party applications to run in the background, and in order to open one application, the user has to close another. In BlackBerry smartphones, this is possible, and for many this point turns out to be decisive.

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