Kommersant: The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation offers game studios to create drone control simulators

The Russian authorities want to stimulate the development of Russian simulators for controlling drones and other similar equipment. The Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation believes that game studios can create such software.

Kommersant writes about this, having read the letter that the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation sent to the country’s Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko at the end of February. In the same letter, the Ministry offered to support gaming companies and allocate funds for the development of “video game simulators” through a special fund.

According to Vyacheslav Makarov, who oversees the development of the action RPG “Smuta”, any “established game studio” can make a drone control simulator. He pointed out that remote controls for drones are similar to gamepads, so the development of games for them should not cause great difficulties. However, Makarov doubts that such projects will be commercially successful — they have too narrow an audience.

Another interlocutor of Kommersant from an unnamed major game studio agreed that it is not difficult to make a simulator specifically for a gamepad, but it is “long and expensive” to develop it for a remote control for a specific drone. He also believes that such simulators cannot be called games — it is specialized software.


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