Mundfish management wants the studio to start working on games around the clock

The founders of the Mundfish studio expect that in the future their team will be able to make games in 24-hour mode. Robert Bagratuni and Evgenia Sedova shared such plans in an interview with Durov’s Code.

They stated that, ideally, the development should not stop for a minute: “We don’t want to be interrupted for sleep just because the human body requires it.” However, this is only possible if Mundfish has a distributed structure and its employees work in different time zones. According to Bagratuni and Sedova, such an approach would allow the studio to compete with large gaming companies.

At the beginning of the year, the authors of Atomic Heart launched a division in the UAE, and by 2024 they plan to open offices also in Singapore, Serbia and the Netherlands.


Durov's Code
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