US Congressman: Gaming companies are not doing enough to combat extremism in video games

In December 2022, seven members of the US Congress sent a letter to Valve, Epic Games, EA and 11 other major gaming companies. Politicians demanded to explain how they fight extremism and other harassment in games. The answers received did not please at least one congressman.

Lori Trahan said she was disappointed. She noted that many companies ignored some of the questions and generally “look at the games through rose-colored glasses.”

Below are a few answers:

Valve said that Steam moderators check the platform for the presence of unacceptable content, and in CS:GO temporarily disable head chat from Offending Players;
▪️Epic Games reported that it employs more than 1,500 specialists checking player complaints;
EA indicated that it has both specialists who monitor reports of harassment and a special team of lawyers.

Gaming companies' answers to questions from the US Congress
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Lori Trahan
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