In 2022, 75.4 million copies of games were sold in the UK. 82% — in the "figure"

The British Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA) has released a large-scale report in which it spoke about the situation in the country’s gaming market last year. We have chosen the main thing.

In 2022, the British spent £4.66 billion on video games (+2.3%). More than for other entertainment.

The share of sales of digital copies of games for the year increased from 80.2% to 82.2%. In total, residents of the country bought 62 million games in digital and 13.4 million in the form of physical disks.

Top 3 best-selling games: FIFA 23 (2.53 million copies, of which 61.3% in the “figure”), Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II (1.67 million copies, of which 65.3% in the “figure”) and Elden Ring (862.5 thousand copies, of which 76.3% in “digit”).

Sony was the leader in revenue from sales of console games, earning £219.3 million for the year, four times more than Microsoft (£53.5 million). Nintendo raised £214.3 million.

The British bought 2.4 million consoles (-28.9%). The most popular was the Nintendo Switch — 880 thousand consoles.

ERA report on the British entertainment market for 2022
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