The studio of the authors of Dark and Darker was searched. Earlier they were accused of stealing the code for the game

The police searched the office of the Ironmace studio and seized materials on the PvPvE-action Dark and Darker, according to Korean media. She was looking for confirmation that the game was created using code and assets stolen from Nexon.

An Ironmace representative at Discord confirmed that the studio had been searched, but indicated that the police had found nothing. He also urged not to believe everything that is written about the proceedings with Nexon.

The conflict between Nexon and the Ironmace team began in 2021. According to Nexon, in July of that year, she fired an employee who worked on a project called P3 for draining “thousands” of files on the game. Three months later, the dismissed developer, along with other former Nexon employees, founded the Ironmace studio and began creating Dark and Darker. In August 2022, Nexon’s complaint against Ironmace was received by the Suwon City Prosecutor’s Office, and an additional investigation was launched in December.


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