Sony expects to sell at least 60 million PS5 consoles

Sony‘s CFO believes that the PS5 will sell over 60 million devices over the entire life cycle of the console. Hiroki Totoki told about this at the Morgan Stanley conference.

The company has already managed to sell almost half of this circulation. In February, Sony reported that by December 31, 2022, it had sold 32.1 million PS5S.

Totoki recalled that Sony had previously sold 117.2 million PS4s. He noted that PlayStation has a “loyal audience” and many owners of old-generation consoles may switch to PS5 in the future.

Totoki did not answer the question when the PS5 will reach its peak sales. This usually happens in the fourth year after the console is released, but Sony hopes that the PS5 will sell well four years later. Along with the sales of the console, the company expects to increase its MAU.


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