Epic Games has announced UEFN. The tool will allow you to create games for Fortnite

Perhaps Roblox and Unity will soon be “covered”. The announcement of UEFN (Unreal Editor for Fortnite), “a new computer application for designing, developing and publishing games and content directly in Fortnite,” took place.

As far as can be understood from the press release, the presented tool is a simplified version of the Unreal Engine, integrated directly into the game and allowing creators to conveniently embed and implement the content they created in Fortnite.

Earlier in the game, a creative mode was already implemented, which allowed players to create their own islands and game mechanics. However, it can be called very limited in terms of game conventions (users create by controlling a game character).

Now, the authors, if they want, will be able to develop new game mechanics, modes, maps and other content, using a more suitable interface for this, which is as close as possible to the one from Unreal Engine 5.

This step will not only simplify the life of creators, it seems to us that it will contribute to the spread of the engine itself and a significant increase in the number of personnel familiar with it. Roughly speaking, yesterday’s schoolchildren, who previously did something there for a popular game, will know Unreal Engine perfectly well.

The release of the beta version of UEFN is scheduled for March 22.


Epic Games
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