The authors of Disco Elysium will continue the proceedings with the ZA/UM studio

Robert Kurvitz and Alexander Rostov commented on a recent ZA/UM press release, in which it was reported that the former developers of Disco Elysium had abandoned claims against the studio. They stated that this was not the case.

Kurvitz and Rostov said that they are now considering possible options for action within the legal framework. The developers noted that they are still minority shareholders of ZA/UM.

Also, the authors of Disco Elysium disagree with the game producer Kaur Kender, who in December 2022 withdrew the lawsuit against ZA / UM and then called it erroneous. They stated that the return of €4.8 million by the new owner of the studio, Ilmar Kompus, does not cancel the fact of the crime.


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