Supercell bans players with Russian IP addresses from accessing Clash of Clans

It looks like Clash of Clans eventually stopped working in Russia completely, a year after Supercell removed its games from local app stores.

Clash of Clans stopped working in Russia

  • On March 14, both iOS and Android users in Russia started reporting that they couldn’t log in to Clash of Clans in the game’s community on the Russian social media platform VK.
  • “Login failed. Your current location doesn’t allow you to sign in. Try again,” the error message reads.

  • It appears that players have managed to bypass this region block by using VPN services. However, some users saw their accounts permanently banned for “account phishing attempt.”
  • This may happen when trying to use another country’s VPN shortly after unsuccessfully trying to login with a Russian account.

Supercell suspended its operations and removed all games from app stores in Russia and Belarus in March 2022, after the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The company noted that “access for existing players will be suspended with the next client updates.”

However, users who already had Clash of Clans and other titles on their accounts could continue to play them despite the restrictions. In April 2022, Supercell also released an update for Brawl Stars, which wasn’t available for existing players in Russia and Belarus. This made it impossible for local users to play the game without changing their app store regions.

According to AppMagic, Russia was Supercell’s 14th country by revenue. Local players have spent over $161 million in the company’s games in total. The top-5 countries by IAP revenue are the US ($4.2 billion), Germany ($814 million), China ($619 million), South Korea ($574 million), and Japan ($553 million).

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