We connect and work with Google Ads agent accounts: The full guide from YeezyPay

What is a Google Ads agent account, — Mikhail Karpach, head of the advertising department of the YeezyPay payment service, told in his column.

Mikhail Karpach

Let’s start with the base.

Google Ads agency accounts (aka Google Agency Ad Accounts) are special advertising cabinets for agencies. They allow advertising agencies to manage multiple advertising accounts on behalf of their clients without leaving their account.

It is assumed that advertising agencies guarantee Google that they will exclusively promote white products. Based on this, Google Ads gives agency offices special advantages.

In this article I will tell you how they work and how they differ from ordinary advertising cabinets, how and where they can be connected and how to work with them.

Let’s go!

The specifics of agency accounts

We divide Google Ads advertising cabinets into two types:

  • “self—registration” is a type of cabinet that any marketer can register independently (including the basic Google Ads Account and its extended version of Google Ads Manager Account, a single advertising cabinet to which subsidiaries are attached);
  • Agency cabinets are a type of Google Ads account that is used by advertising agencies to manage their clients’ advertising campaigns.

The first and key difference between self—registration and agency offices is the method of connection. If, in the case of self-registration, the marketer himself creates an account and an advertising cabinet, then with agent accounts you link the already created account to the cabinet of the company (service or advertising network offering the corresponding service).

Agency accounts differ from self-registration:

  • Extended access. First of all, you get access to all the features of Google Ads. After receiving an account, you can launch different types of campaigns, including UAC (Universal App Campaign).
  • Increased trust. Self–regs have a low level of trust – it limits the amount of traffic received and grows along with spending. In turn, agency accounts have a high trust and allow you to immediately launch promotion to the maximum.
  • Comfortable payment. It is difficult to pay for Google ads in Russia on regular accounts – you have to look for payment solutions outside of sanctions. Agency accounts are replenished through an intermediary company that can support Russian cards or even allow you to make payments using cryptocurrency.
  • Priority moderation. Campaigns from agency accounts pass moderation faster. In practice, this will allow you to test new products and catch trends among the first.
  • Convenient operation. With the help of agent profiles, you can control all accounts in a single interface, distribute funds and collect more data.
  • Balance protection. If your profile is blocked, the partner company will return the funds to the account of its service. In addition, the provider of agency accounts can help with unblocking.
  • Economy. Agency accounts allow you to save on tools, payment solutions, consumables and heating.

Important: unlike self–registration, only white topics can be promoted from agency accounts – this is monitored by the moderation of the partner company.

Please note that you will have to pay a commission for getting access – as a rule, it is up to 20% of the budget.

Where and how can I create agency accounts?

You can create an agent account yourself, but it is often impractical. To open it, you need to enter into a partnership with Google – this will require you to constantly meet the requirements of the advertising network and have high spreads.

In practice, this is extremely labor–intensive – Google constantly raises requirements for partners.

In addition, it is impossible to create an agency account in Russia on your own. The platform suspended cooperation with Russian marketers due to political problems.

The most comfortable option is to use agency profiles from partner companies. As a rule, these are advertising networks or services that share access with users for a commission.

Everyone has different access conditions – they depend on the rules of a particular service.

Let’s consider the conditions on the example of our YeezyPay service:

  • commission – 10%;
  • the minimum deposit is from $200, depending on the spendings and the number of bans received;
  • you can top up in rubles, Ethereum and USDT;
  • if you need help, YeezyPay support gives advice on developing creatives and working with the advertising network.

In the next section we will tell you exactly how to get an account and start working!

Instructions: create agency accounts via YeezyPay!

We will look at connecting and working with agent cabinets using the example of YeezyPay.

  1. Registration. Click on the “Sign Up” button, go to the telegram bot and confirm the number. The bot will send a link where you can log in to your profile. In the future, the link can be requested again, via the bot.

  2. Replenishment of the balance. Go to the “Deposit” section and top up your balance using a Russian card or USDT (TRC-20 network).

  3. Conversion. Transfer funds to USD. You can do this in the “Transfers” tab – just select the currencies and exchange them in a couple of clicks.

  4. Open the “Google Ad” section. To do this, follow the link – after the first click, the section can be found in the menu.

  5. Send an invite. Go to the “Google Ad” panel in YeezyPay, click on the “Add” button, enter the Gmail address and the amount to top up.

    Important: use emails with a confirmed phone number that have not previously been banned. The number must be linked to Europe, Turkey or the CIS, except Russia and Belarus.

  6. Accept the invite. Follow the link in the email message and accept the invitation. Immediately after that, you will have access to the advertising cabinet with the balance that you specified earlier.

  7. Replenishment. To replenish your account again, go to the “Google Ad” panel in YeezyPay. Select the desired account, enter the amount and click “Submit”.

  8. Refund. To return funds from the cabinet and close it, click on the “Refund” button. Please note – the commission is not refunded.

  9. Creating campaigns. To launch a new campaign on an existing account, click on the “Start New campaign” button.

  10. Mail replacement. To change the email of the current account, click on the “Change e-mail” button and send an invite to a new email;

  11. Account recovery. If you have closed your account, you can restore access using the “Restore” button. The function is active if the account is restored – the inscription “Restored” will appear next to the balance.

That’s it – right after point # 6, you can get to work and move forward. Access to the offices opens automatically – you can start working in just a couple of minutes!


Google Ads agent cabinets are a powerful tool for promotion. They solve problems with payment, please marketers with an excellent trust, priority moderation and comfortable work with data.

Now you know how to work with them – we hope the material will help launch effective advertising from agency profiles!

See you soon!

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