Bloober Team confirms 7 games in development, plans to open two new offices

Poland-based studio Bloober Team has announced its expansion plans. This year, Layers of Fear and The Medium developer will open new offices and move to a larger stock exchange.

Bloober Team has 7 games in development, plans to open its first US office

Silent Hill 2 remake

On March 7, Bloober Team shared its Strategic Plan for 2023-2027. The document details the transformation of the company towards becoming the “Global horror leader”, also marking the end current phase and the beginning of the so-called “Bloober Team 3.0”.

Three pillars of the Bloober Team strategy

  • Psychological survival horror games. Bloober Team plans to stay true to its DNA, but also add more action elements to its future titles. This should help the company increase sales of each game so that they could potentially reach the 10 million mark.
  • Expansion through collaboration. The company plans to reach strategy partnerships with industry leaders, which include R&D and co-development with third-party studios. It has already partnered with Konami, Tencent (it owns 22% of the company), and Take-Two’s Private Division label.
  • Creative freedom. On its mission to retain its 230-person team and attract new talent, Bloober Team plans to open a new office in Warsaw and a new studio in Los Angeles in the second half of 2023. This year, the company will also move from the smaller alternative stock exchange NewConnect to the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Content development pipeline

Bloober Team plans to launch seven new games before 2027. Four of them are in-house projects and three are being co-developed with its partners.

  • Silent Hill 2 — a remake of the classic horror game from Team Silent and Konami. Developed for PlayStation 5 and PC, it will become the first major installment in the series since 2012’s Downpour.
  • Project C — an untitled horror title based on a new IP. It will be published by Private Division and will come out no earlier than 2025.
  • Project G — an unannounced game that is currently in the concept phase.
  • Project H — another unannounced title that is now “in plans”.

  • Layers of Fears — a third installment in the Layers of Fear series, which is expected to come out this year. It is co-developed with Anshar Studios, known for its isometric RPG Gamedeck and its outsourcing work for Larian Studios, Fool’s Theory, and People Can Fly.
  • Project M — an upcoming horror game made in partnership with Draw Distance, Polish studio known for its top-down stealth action title Serial Cleaners.
  • Project F — a next-gen game for PC and consoles co-developed with Rogue Games (Wipeout Merge, The Last Case of Benedict Fox).

On top of that, Bloober Team also plans to expand its brands to other mediums, with its pipeline including a board game and TV series based on The Medium, as well as the Layers of Fear film.

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