AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of February 2023

Based on the AppMagic database, the App2Top editorial board has prepared a report on the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games in February.

The most downloaded games in February

An exceptional situation. In February, there were no projects that entered the chart for the first time. More precisely, formally, there was one, but that’s what formally. Let’s stop at this case.

Dumb Ways to Die

Publisher: Metro Trains Melbourne

Description: Dumb Ways to Die is a social application that is a set of humorous mini-games that promote safe behavior on the railways. The game was developed with money from Metro Trains Melbourne, the operator of Melbourne’s electric railways. It was released back in 2013.

Dumb Ways to Die
The table shows that the game was in the top for the first time (marked New).

This happened only because AppMagic as a service was launched later (in 2015) than the game. In the year of the release of Dumb Ways to Die, it topped the tops in downloads in other weeks, including bypassing Candy Crush Saga, which was already sitting confidently in the world and regional charts.

In February, an update with new mini-games was released for Dumb Ways to Die.

  • Total downloads for February: 6.4 million;
  • iOS downloads: 6.4 million

Of the games that get into the top not for the first time, but which we have not previously written about, we note Block Blast Adventure Master and Mob Control.

Block Blast Adventure Master

Publisher: Hungry Studio

Description: another variation on the theme of the desktop pentamino, but this time with figures and mechanics from Tetris.

Block Blast Adventure MasterTotal downloads for February: 12.3 million;

  • Android downloads: 10.1 million;
  • iOS downloads: 2.2 million.

Mob Control

Publisher: Voodoo

Description: Hyper-casual reading of Clash Royale. There are two towers on the field. The player’s task is to destroy the opponent’s tower by spamming more units than him.

Mob ControlTotal downloads for February: 11.4 million;

  • Android downloads: 9.4 million;
  • iOS downloads: 2 million.

From observations:

  • in February, there was a situation in the top 10 downloaded games that is more typical for the box office games chart: the leading positions are for long-gone leaders, there are no new products. I would like to hope that this is an exclusively seasonal story.

The highest-grossing games of February

It’s frankly boring to watch the world’s top-grossing mobile games. Rotations are minimal. Most of the participants are well acquainted.

This also applies to the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle (the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle), which returned to the top ten, earning a record $40 million for itself.

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle
Is it worth noting that very soon the Goddess of Victory: Nikke may fall out of the top ten.

The battler about the vayfu fighting robots has lost 65% of its monthly revenue since its release in November last year.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

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