AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of June 2022

By the end of June App2Top.ru Together with AppMagic, I have prepared a report on the most popular and earning mobile games in the world.

The most downloaded games of the month

The main game of June was Stumble Guys— a clone of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, developed by the Finnish studio Kitka Games. He climbed to the top of the overall top in downloads and also took second place in the tops for the App Store and Google Play. During the month, the title collected a total of 32.8 million installations on both platforms.

The leaders in the tops exclusively with iOS or Android games have not changed. As in May, they became Free Fire (27.9 million downloads) and Subway Surfers (32.6 million downloads), respectively.

In June, only two new items hit the chart again. Let’s go through them.

Bucket Crusher
This is a hyper-casual project from the French Voodoo.

In it, users must use a crusher to break brick walls of different shapes and sizes. The more bricks the players get, the more money they will get. Earned money can be exchanged for amplifiers for the instrument.

Bucket Crusher was released in April 2022.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 4th in total downloads — 23.5 million;
  • ranked 6th in terms of downloads on Android — 19.4 million;
  • ranked 5th in iOS downloads — 4.1 million .

Diablo Immortal

On June 2, Blizzard and NetEase released the first mobile game in the history of the Diablo line — Diablo Immortal (it also has a PC version). Users accepted it without enthusiasm. The project quickly came under a barrage of criticism due to the controversial monetization system and soon became the worst game in history according to Metacritic users.

Despite this, Diablo Immortal has collected a lot of downloads in mobile stores.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 3rd in downloads on iOS — 4.8 million (on both platforms — 10.3 million).

Separately, it is worth mentioning the success of Dessert DIY, a hyper-casual pastry chef simulator from CrazyLabs. In June, the title rose in the top by 57 lines to fifth place, and in the top for Android — by 51 lines to fourth place. It is unclear what was the impetus, but as a result, Dessert DIY was able to collect 22.1 million downloads in a month, despite the fact that in May there were only 6 million.

The highest-grossing games of the month

The leader in the box office both in the overall top and on iOS predictably became Honor of Kings again, whose June revenue was $ 165.17 million.

But there have been minor changes in the Android top. This time, Pokémon GO earned the most money through Google Play (namely $55.5 million). By the way, on iOS, the game about pocket monsters earned another $ 51 million, thanks to which it took sixth place in the corresponding top.

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