Rami Ismail to join Italy's biggest gamedev event DStars Connects 2023 on March 24-26

DStars, Italy’s biggest event for game developers, will be back next month. Here are the first details about the upcoming conference.

The DStars Connects conference will take place on March 24-26 and will be streamed live on the WN Hub communication platform.

Branded as a “platform for networking, learning, and inspiration”, the event will gather games industry professionals and feature the annual DStars Awards. Italian developers will be able to take part in a survey to vote for the country’s studios and titles. Last year, Hot Wheels Unleashed became Game of the Year, and Vesper developer Cordens Interactive was named Best New Studio.

This year’s full program is yet to be announced, but the organizers have already revealed the first speaker. Dutch-Egyptian indie game developer Rami Ismail will join the conference on March 26. He is best known as the creator of development tools like presskit() and the founder of the now-closed studio Vlambeer (Ridiculous Fishing and Nuclear Throne).

DStars Connects 2023 is the fifth edition of the conference. The list of previous years’ speakers includes Obsidian Entertainment design director Josh Sawyer and the original Xbox creator Seamus Blackley.

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