Nexters transfers business in Russia to local management

The developer and publisher of mobile games Nexters has announced corporate changes. The company will no longer work directly in Russia. She also expanded the relocation program.

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Now for more details.

First, let’s focus on the situation of business separation. According to the received App2Top.ru press release:

  • Nexters’ Russian business will be transferred to the ownership of local management (to whom, it is not yet known);
  • This management will be responsible for operating Nexters games in Russia, for hiring new staff and “other processes”;
  • the money received from the Russian market will remain in the country and will go to the development and support of the regional team and the games it develops in Russia;
  • The company’s games will remain available on Russian social networks and on local platforms.

As for relocation, the English-language press release says that “the company is strengthening the relocation program. Its task is to transfer most of the critical personnel located in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus to Cyprus, Armenia and other countries.”

However, Nexters notes that “they do not set themselves the goal of instant relocation of all employees and plan to continue working with them, no matter what country they are in.”

It is unclear exactly how long it will take to transfer the Russian business to a new owner, as well as a new stage of relocation. The company is talking about a few months.

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