SayGames downloads reached 4 billion, and revenue from in-app purchases increased by 350%

The publisher of mobile games SayGames shared the successes over the past year. From January to December 2022, one billion downloads of the company’s games were made. As for its revenue from IAP, it reached $37.5 million.

SayGames does not specify whether there was an increase in downloads in 2022 relative to 2021. However, the press release says that the total installations for the entire time of the company’s operation have reached 4 billion.

But it is known that SayGames revenue from in-app purchases increased by 350% year-on-year. If by the end of 2021 it amounted to $11 million, then last year it reached $37.5 million.

Such growth, according to the letter from SayGames, was made possible thanks to the successful transition to a hybrid monetization model (previously, the company mainly earned money in its projects on advertising).

How much SayGames earned during the reporting period on advertising (and also, more or less compared to previous years) is not reported. But the company emphasizes that it is now “actively looking for new partners to expand the portfolio of games using hybrid monetization.”

Our main goal is to achieve success together with the developers who have decided to work with us. This approach has helped us become leaders in the mobile gaming industry. Today we are striving to bring even more cool games to the market,” said Egor Voikhansky, CEO of SayGames.

Over the past year, SayGames has released 25 games. She named Color Page ASMR from Playstrom studio and My Perfect Hotel from Redux Games studio as the most successful hyper-casual releases of the year. Among the hybrid novelties, Dreamdale from Hypernova Games was singled out.

The company reports that its entire portfolio includes more than 100 projects.

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