AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of January 2023

With the support of AppMagic, the editors of App2Top have prepared a report on the most popular and highest-grossing mobile games in January (we talk about the successes of Attack Hole, Makeover & Makeup and “Spatula Battles“).

The most downloaded games in January

Let’s start with the new products that first appeared in the top. There are very few of them this time.

Attack Hole

Publisher: Homa Games

Description: The gameplay is divided into two phases. In the first, the player controls a black hole on a field with live projectiles. The task is to collect as many cartridges, bullets, shurikens and the like in the allotted time. In the second phase, the player tries to either destroy as many targets as possible with the collected shells, or kill the boss.

Attack HoleTotal downloads for January: 17.1 million;

  • Android downloads: 15.9 million;
  • iOS downloads: 1.2 million

Makeover & Makeup ASMR

Publisher: ABI Global

Description: another simulator of a cosmetologist / cosmetic surgeon / dentist. Players are engaged in squeezing pimples, botex injections, correction of noses, removal of double chins, selection of shadows, eyelashes and other things.

Makeover & Makeup ASMRTotal downloads for January: 14.5 million;

  • Android downloads: 14.5 million

Dream11 Fantasy Sports

Publisher: Sporta Technologies

Description: the project is not quite right to call a game. This application is a satellite of the fantasy sports platform of the same name. A large number of sports are supported, but the main one is cricket. The user can create teams from real players and compete with other users. The application has achieved high performance due to the popularity of the platform in India.

Dream11 Fantasy SportsTotal downloads for January: 10.8 million

  • Android downloads: 10.8 million

From observations

  • Eggy Party (蛋仔派对) from NetEase not only remains the most downloaded game on iOS, but also made its way into the top 10 in terms of total game downloads on both platforms (12.2 million installations). At the same time, so far the game has been released only in mainland China. Given the upcoming worldwide release, the game may well turn out to be one of the main mobile phenomena of 2023.
  • Playrix has been actively buying traffic in recent months. The total downloads of all games of the Irish company increased from 21 million in November to 39 million in January. We paid attention to this after we discovered that Gardenscapes was in the top 10 most downloaded games on both platforms (12 million installations) by the end of January.

Dynamics of downloads of Playrix games (January 2022 — January 2023)The highest-grossing games in January

Traditionally, there are no novelties in bestsellers.

From observations

  • The top 10 highest-grossing games on both mobile platforms for the first time in a very long time included the shooter CrossFire: Gunfight King (穿越火线:枪战王)). The project has been on the market for more than eight years. All this time he was making good money (at the peak up to $33 million). However, this January its revenue jumped sharply to $56 million. Thanks to this, the game got into the top 10 mobile games by total revenue.
  • The appearance of Eggy Party (蛋仔派对) in the top ten highest-grossing games of January on iOS can also be called significant. The game in its native Chinese market was able to earn a fantastic $46.1 million. We are waiting for the release of this Fall Guys clone on the Western market.
  • Battle of the Spatulas (金铲铲之战), which earned $41 million on iOS last month in one Chinese market, demonstrated that the genre of autobattlers is still relevant. What is more important: the project shows decent endurance. Since its introduction in 2021, the monthly earnings of the game have not fallen below $ 13 million.

Revenue dynamics of Battle of the Spatulas (February 2022 – January 2023)

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