NCSoft West lays off 20% of employees as part of 'global realignment'

Another game company has been hit by layoffs. The Western arm of Korean publisher NCSoft has cut one-fifth of its staff and the division’s CEO Jeffrey Anderson has stepped down from his position.

NCSoft West lays off 20% of its staff

NCSoft West laid off 20% of its staff, according to a GamesBeat report. However, the exact number of affected employees remains undisclosed.

“We can confirm that we laid off approximately 20% of NC West’s workforce today, primarily affecting non-game development positions, as part of a global realignment with our corporate headquarters in Korea,” the company said in a statement. “The affected employees have been given severance and access to resources to help with job placement.”

In addition to the layoffs, NCSoft CEO Jeffrey Anderson, who has decades of experience in the games industry, left his post. The publisher noted that “Jeff decided that his time at NC had come to a conclusion, and we appreciate his efforts with us.”

Anderson joined NCSoft West in 2021 and was “responsible for driving the growth and development of NCSOFT’s gaming business in the Americas, EMEA, and Oceana regions” (via his LinkedIn profile). Prior to this, he held senior positions at companies such as Hasbro, WB Games Boston, and Electronic Arts. Anderson also contributed to the production and operation of MMORPGs like The Lord of the Rings Online and Ultima Online.

NCSoft established its first US subsidiary in 2001 after acquiring Destination Games. It later became NCSoft West, which currently has several offices in Austin, Bellevue, San Mateo, and London. This division operates all of the company’s games, including the Guild Wars and Lineage franchises, in regions mentioned above.

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