125 games industry professionals from 85 companies attended WN Connect business event in Belgrade

The latest WN Connect event took place on January 19 in Belgrade, Serbia. It brought together 125 games industry workers from 85 companies, including Microsoft, Ubisoft, tinyBuild, and Mad Head Games.

According to the event’s organizer, WN Media Group, most of the companies were game developers. This group accounted for 63% of all visitors, followed by graphics firms (20%), and publishers (14%).

Almost a third of the 125 attendees were game developers. Executives were another large group, accounting for 30% of all visitors.

WN Connect are small events for 100-150 people usually dedicated to the local games industry. They are organized to help developers, managers, investors, and other professionals share their experiences and discuss various business topics.

The Belgrade event is the first WN Connect event in Serbia. Before there were similar events in Shenzhen, Istanbul and Tel Aviv in December, May and October, respectively.

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