Dragon Age: Dreadwolf production director Mac Walters leaves BioWare after almost 20 years

Mac Walters, experienced writer and creative director, has decided to leave BioWare. He has worked at the studio for almost two decades.

Mac Walters leaves BioWare after more than 19 years

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf

Walters announced his departure on LinkedIn, saying that “with a new year comes new adventures.” He made this decision at the end of 2022, ending his 19-year journey.

“I’ve worked with so many wonderful people and had the privilege to be a part of the most amazing teams and projects,” Walters wrote. “It’s hard to fathom it all, and I know I’ll be reflecting on it for years to come. Thank you to everyone I’ve had the joy of working with, and I wish everyone at BioWare the very best in everything you do. It’s truly been a pleasure.”

Mac Walters joined BioWare in September 2003 as one of the writers for Jade Empire. He then served as a senior writer on the first Mass Effect game and as lead writer for the game’s sequels.

Walters also worked as narrative director for Anthem and creative director for Mass Effect Andromeda. In January 2022, he was appointed as production director for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf.

A number of BioWare veterans have announced their departures over the past couple of years. In 2020, Casey Hudson and Mark Darrah left the company “to try something new.” Hudson then opened indie studio Humanoid and Darrah is now posting videos on his YouTube channel.

In 2021, Matt Goldman, who once served as creative director for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, also left BioWare. The game still has no release date, but it reached its alpha milestone in October, meaning that players may expect it to come out this year.

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