Drake Star: Games industry saw over 1,300 deals in 2022, totalling $127 billion

In 2022, the global games industry set a new record for the number and value of closed or announced deals. All thanks to Microsoft’s historic bid to acquire Activision Blizzard, but there have been a few other noteworthy investments as well.

1,300+ deals with $127 billion in total value were closed or announced in 2022, according to Drake Star

  • According to a new Drake Star report, 2022 was the biggest year in gaming with 1,320 deals announced and/or closed deals. Their total value was $127 billion, up 78.8% year-over-year.
  • Total value of M&A deals amounted to $102.3 billion, which is three times more than in 2021. Public placements and private funding amounted to $13.5 billion and $11.1 billion, respectively.

Drake Star: the number and total value of all gaming deals in 2022

  • The PC and console market was the most active segment in terms of M&A deals, with 83 transactions announced or closed with $74.9 billion in total value.
  • M&A and private funding showed strong growth last year, with 314 (vs 295 in 2021) and 938 (vs 723 in 2021) deals announced or closed, respectively.

Drake Star: The number and total value of M&A deals and private placements in 2022

Drake Star: top 15 gaming M&A deals of 2022

Drake Star: top 15 gaming private placements of 2022

  • Embracer Group was a leading strategic buyer in 2022, with 20 deals totaling $1.16 billion. It is followed by Tencent (9 deals), Animoca Brands (8), Keywords Studios (5), and Take-Two (4).
  • Analysts expect the consolidation trend to continue in 2023, but at a smaller scale than last year. Embracer Group, Tencent, Sony, Microsoft, Take-Two, Netflix, Animoca Brands, and NetEase are named among top buyers.
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