"We have learned how to make hits on a regular basis," Oleg Beresnev from Beresnev Games about the main thing for 2022

We continue to summarize the results of last year together with the top managers of the gaming industry. Next up is an interview with Oleg Beresnev, founder and CEO of Beresnev Games.

What was the year like for the company? What have you done, implemented, and what would you like to highlight in terms of achievements in general?

It was a very eventful and changing year: we transformed almost all departments, continued to actively hire new specialists and expand. It was also a year of reaching a qualitatively new level of activity. We were able to adjust the long-term difficulties, we managed both to adapt the previous processes to the new reality, and to build new ones.

Throughout the year, our Race Master 3D game stayed at the top of the mobile racing charts and gained more than 200 million downloads. I find this a worthy result.

Race Master 3D
In the last quarter of 2022, we released two more titles.

One of them — Monster Demolition — from the first days entered the top in terms of installations in its category. Now he is steadily progressing to become a new hit. In fact, we have learned to make hits on a regular basis.

Monster Demolition
Our new Pixelwoods coloring book also showed very good growth results.

We received complimentary comments about the quality of the product from Google Play and App Store managers, and were also marked with features all over the world.

PixelwoodsHow has the situation changed for the company in the gaming market?

What new challenges from the point of view of platforms, marketing and competition did it face?

The main challenge was, of course, that the quality of production is now not only the main component of success, but also a condition for the survival of the company. Quality requires serious expertise, talent and resources.

High-quality production has always been the strength of our team. We have felt the interest in our projects from both publishers and the labor market has grown over the past year.

What was the year like for the genres in which you work?

There is a trend in the hyper-casual games market for a sharp decline in success. In the market of casual projects, the situation does not look so depressing, but even here the threshold for entering the category of successful projects has significantly increased: projects need much more expertise and resources for success, compared with 2021. I think that both of these trends will continue in 2023.

What are the company’s plans for 2023?

We confidently continue to develop, actively hire employees and develop new directions.

The way we worked in 2022 gave us the opportunity to grow even in times of instability and crises. We have planned new projects and are looking forward to 2023 with enthusiasm. Which is what I wish you.

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