A regional version of World of Tanks will appear in Russia and Belarus. The game will be renamed "World of Tanks"

Wargaming continues to transfer the business of operating games in Russia and Belarus to St. Petersburg Lesta Games. The company announced that a separate World of Tanks client called “World of Tanks” will be launched in these countries in September.

World of Tanks
All users from the CIS countries will have to decide where to play next.

They will be able to transfer the account either to European servers or to the servers of the RU region.

The company warned that Russian and Belarusian gamers will not be able to buy items in the premium World of Tanks store. And gamers from other countries, apparently, will not be able to pay for purchases in the “World of Tanks”.

At first, gamers will have the opportunity to change their minds and redefine the region. Users who have chosen European servers will be able to return to the RU region within 59 days from the moment of account transfer. Those who first chose the servers of the “World of Tanks” will have more time to move to the World of Tanks, but how much specifically is not specified.

Recall that Wargaming announced its withdrawal from the markets of Russia and Belarus on April 4. In July, the media noticed that Malik Khatazhayev, the former CEO of Lesta Games, became the new owner of the company’s regional assets. 91.84% of the “Game Stream” came under his control.

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