Azur Games invested in French mobile developers Pinpin Team

The developer and publisher of mobile games Azur Games has signed a deal with Pinpin Team. He acquired 30% of the French company and promised it strategic support. How much such a purchase cost is not disclosed.

Under the terms of the deal, Azur Games will take over the publishing of all Pinpin Team games, which will allow the studio to focus on developing new projects. As Pinpin Team founder Géraud Paillard-Brunet hopes, his studio will eventually start publishing games independently.

We are proud that we have found the perfect partner who will take the Pinpin Team to a new level. Azur Games' experience in mobile games, and especially in hybrid casual projects, will help us expand our knowledge in this area. And the strategic support from the publisher will allow the studio to develop faster and switch to self-publishing in the future.

Jereau Payard-Brunet

Founder of Pinpin Team

Pinpin Team opened in 2008, launching an educational platform for children. Now the studio has 16 successful games in its portfolio, the most famous of which are Golf Orbit and Pyro Jump Rescue. Total project downloads exceed 80 million.

Investments in Pinpin Team are not the first for Azur Games. For example, last fall the company invested in KobGames Studios. As the publisher noted, investing in partners has become an important part of Azur Games’ business strategy, so he intends to continue looking for teams for long-term cooperation.

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