NetEase buys Quantic Dream, developer of Detroit: Become Human and Heavy Rain

NetEase continues its global expansion. She negotiated the purchase of the French studio Quantic Dream. This is the first company from Europe to become part of a Chinese technology giant.

The size and all terms of the transaction are not disclosed. It is known that Quantic Dream will retain its creative independence.

Studio co-founder David Cage told VentureBeat in an interview that over 25 years of work, Quantic Dream has received many offers from other companies, but none of them guaranteed the independence of the studio. The developers also considered the possibility of entering the stock exchange, but changed their minds because they did not want to “jeopardize their work for short-term financial goals.”

Recall that NetEase bought a minority stake in Quantic Dream in 2019. Rumors that a Chinese corporation may acquire the rest of the studio appeared at the end of March, — insider Tom Henderson reported about the negotiations. According to him, Quantic Dream has been looking for a buyer since 2018, when its contract with Sony ended.

Quantic Dream was founded in 1997. Since then, she has developed games such as Fahrenheit, Heavy Rain and Detroit: Become Human, and is now engaged in the Star Wars Eclipse action game.

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