"We solved issues with jurisdictions, relocations, adjustment of financial relationships," Pavel Ryakkonen from WN Media Group about the main thing for 2022

On the eve of the New Year, App2Top continues to publish materials from the “Results” series, in which it polls top managers of the gaming industry (and related ones) about how the year has passed for their company and the market. Next up is a response from Pavel Ryakkonen, founder and CEO of WN Media Group.

How was the year for the company?

The year is difficult. During the year, we, like many other companies, had to solve a lot of questions about working in new conditions.

We solved issues with jurisdictions, relocations, and adjustment of financial relationships. We are active in various parts of the world and it is very difficult to do this now. We find solutions. It’s not easy, but we are coping.

In addition to external issues, we also actively worked with the reconfiguration of internal business processes taking into account new introductory ones. For example, given the work with different regions, a significant part of even internal communication is conducted in English. We have also rebuilt the social package from scratch, since a large number of the company’s employees live in various countries.

It should be noted that covid, in general, prepared us and tempered us before difficulties. Game development companies were not so susceptible to the pandemic. We, as an infrastructure and media company, then felt all the difficulties in full.

There was a little respite after the pandemic, and now we are working with new challenges.

In general, I try to treat this kind of turbulence somewhat philosophically. Every solved problem or effective response to a challenge makes the team and the company stronger.

We work with a variety of companies in the gaming industry, in different regions of the world. We see how and who copes. It should be noted that the gaming industry has faced difficulties not in individual regions, but all over the world. It’s just that different regions have their own set of problems that market players face. In general, it’s not easy everywhere.

Let’s hope that gradually the industry will move to a new stage of development.

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