The holiday is coming to us. The editorial board of App2Top congratulates readers on the upcoming year 2023

The last publication this year.

Let’s take a deep breath now. Let’s get more air into our lungs.

All right, well done.

Now exhale.

I mean, the year is over.

Yes, I want to exhale again, right?!

It’s not at all a fact that together with the year ended … Let’s call them … What would be a decent word to pick up here? Let’s say difficulties. It was they who almost crushed all of us with a concrete slab in the outgoing year.

Perhaps very soon we will be waiting for new shocks (God forbid), new problems (where without them) and new bad news (as always, you know where to read about them). Everything is so.

But it will all be next year.

You understand, right? We are seeing off the last year with an exhalation, but we are not thinking about the new one yet. And we still have a dash of “now” on the segment of infinity between the past and the future.

Now we are all preparing to celebrate the bright New Year holiday, in which we are waiting for the fulfillment of our innermost desires and the realization of miracles (and, of course, the olivier basin, the smell of fresh tangerines and the whisper of white sparkling wine).

Let it go well with you, with smiles, in a circle of good and kind people, in warmth and joy, without tears of pain and sadness.

As for the miracle, I really want a miracle to really happen this time. At least for a little bit, with one heel or even a little finger. May peace come. He is sorely missed.

And while we are waiting for a miracle, let’s always remember that there is nothing more important than human life. There is nothing that can justify the destruction and suffering brought.

Happy New Year to all, let nothing like this touch you in the New Year, let there be strength, endurance, health to cope with all the trials, and also to always have someone nearby who will help.

Happy New Year, dear ones!

P.S. The news editorial office will take a break until January 9. However, come in anyway on the weekend. From January 2 to January 6, we will continue to publish industrial results from top managers and industry experts.

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