AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of August 2022

By the end of August App2Top.ru Together with AppMagic, I have prepared a report on the most popular and earning mobile games in the world.

The most downloaded games of the month

Stumble Guys — a clone of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout — continues to enjoy success. In August, he again took the first places in all three top downloads: for iOS, for Android and in general. During the month, the game was downloaded 39.6 million times in total.

The second line in the tops went entirely to Subway Surfers (and its Chinese version, 地)). The runner has 35.5 million downloads on his account.

Let’s move on to the new products, of which there are five this time.

GT Car Stunt Master 3D

In July, the Vietnamese Zego Global Publishing released a game called GT Car Stunt Master 3D. This is a variation of the runner in which the user controls the machine. The player has to overcome an obstacle course, and then jump from a springboard.


At the end of the month:

  • ranked 4th in total downloads — 19.1 million;
  • ranked 4th in terms of downloads on Android — 19.1 million .

Save the Doge

A puzzle published by the Chinese MIracle Game. The main task of the player is to protect the dog from evil bees and other troubles. To do this, you will have to draw barrier lines.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 6th in total downloads — 18 million;
  • ranked 5th in terms of downloads on Android — 18 million .

Stick Hero: Mighty Tower Wars
The game is about capturing towers.

In it, you need to climb to different floors of the enemy tower and fight with enemies. After each “cleared” floor, the hero’s strength increases, as does his own tower.

Stick Hero: Mighty Tower Wars has released Rocket Game Studio.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 9th in total downloads — 14.1 million;
  • ranked 8th in terms of downloads on Android — 14.1 million .


In 2020, the creators of the Archero bagel released Survivor!.io. Then the game was released only on iOS, but in July 2022 it also appeared on Android. The new release, as well as the launch of an advertising campaign in TikTok, probably ensured the growth of interest in the project.

In Survivor!.io the player needs to stay in the arena for a certain amount of time while being attacked by hordes of zombies. At the end of the level, you also need to defeat the boss.

Note that there are two versions of Survivor on the chart!.io: global and Chinese.

At the end of the month:

  • Survivor!.io ranked 3rd in iOS downloads — 5.9 million;
  • 弹壳特攻队 ranked 10th in iOS downloads — 2.87 million .

Tower of Fantasy

In early August, Tencent published a global version of Tower of Fantasy. This is an MMORPG reminiscent of Genshin Impact in a sci-fi setting.

At the end of the month:

  • ranked 9th in iOS downloads — 2.99 million .

The highest-grossing games of the month

The first two lines in all three tops have not changed in a month. Honor of Kings once again became the box office leader on iOS and in the overall top, earning $168.5 million. And Candy Crush Saga beat everyone on Android, earning $56.7 million in Google Play alone (and another $47.8 million in the App Store).

The Chinese version of Diablo Immortal (暗黑破坏神) also entered the chart. Its revenue for August was $66.1 million.

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