The natives of MYTONA have launched their own studio. Located in Yakutia, creates a rogue-like game

A new gaming company has appeared in Yakutia. It’s called Rubedo Games. Most of the team consists of former MYTONA employees. The release of her first game — a two—dimensional “bagel” – is scheduled for next year.

Level sketchWhat is known about the studio?

It employs 13 employees. Most previously participated in the development of such mobile hits as Seekers Notes and Cooking Diary. Also, some of them worked on Portal Kingdoms, Outfit and Business Tour: Online Multiplayer Board Game.

What is the studio developing?

There is very little information about the project yet. It is known that this is a two-dimensional rogue-like in which the player will take on the role of a monster fighting “in procedurally generated biomes“.

One of the key features of the game is the ability to assemble a monster from various parts that affect both its characteristics and appearance.

The only available art sketch of the level and how parallax will work in it (on the cover).

Who is the investor and how much was given?

The Innovation Development Fund of the Sakha Republic allocated money for the development of the game. We are talking about the amount of 10 million rubles.

The funding comes with the wording “for the preservation and development of the gaming industry in the Russian Federation“.

Where did this formulation come from?

As a result of the sanctions, MYTONA, an IT giant and the pride of the republic, left Yakutia. Officially, the company continues to function, but since May-June, information has been regularly received that it is reducing its presence in the country and relocating part of the staff (in August, information was received that IT specialists were being taken out of Yakutia literally by planes).

MYTONA became a forge of personnel, helped to form a high-tech sector in the region. Against the background of her departure, it is not surprising that the local authorities want to preserve it.

At the moment, the gaming resident of the Yakutia Innovation Development Fund, in addition to Rubedo Games, are three more teams: Exo404, the developer of the Beyond Dark Tales puzzle, S626, specializing in hyper-casual projects (it is known primarily for Stone Miner) and Frozen Line.

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