Funny Bunny Tales is a fun game for kids and not only

Funny Bunny Tales (Adventures of a Funny Rabbit) positions itself as a children’s game, but it will also be interesting for adults who have enough free time.

The game is already available on Apple iTunes and is distributed for free.

The graphics are bright, juicy and pleasing to the eye, pleasing small animations that give the game an additional charm.

The plot of the game is simple – the developers offer us to help the main character with planting and collecting carrots for his large and very hungry family.

To do this, for a certain time, you need to go around all the free cells of the map twice: first, plant the carrot in the cells, then collect it. Despite the apparent ease, the process does not always turn out to be simple – as the level increases, villains appear on the map, which complicate this task in every possible way, the cards themselves become more complicated.

In order for the player not to have time to get tired of the gameplay, the main gameplay is diluted with mini-games – the fairy game, which is an old and beloved by many mechanics of collecting identical elements (fruits and vegetables), and a bonus game after each level, in which the player, tilting the screen in different directions, controls flying through the hole rabbit, collecting fruits and bonuses.

The game consists of three chapters, which differ in visual design and villains. The first chapter is available for free, the other two can be opened if you pay $ 0.99 or pass each level of the previous chapter for three stars.

The task is not easy, but it is quite realistic to do it, especially if you use the improvements that are sold in the store.

For completing the levels, the player receives carrots, which are the game currency.
And it can already be spent on speeding up the rabbit, increasing the amount of life or improving its ability to plant and collect carrots. At the same time, depending on which branch of improvements you use most intensively, the style of passing levels changes greatly.

Summing up, we can say that for all the seeming simplicity, the game is addictive and makes you move your brains when passing. In combination with pleasant graphics, unobtrusive music and various game mechanics, Funny Bunny Tales gives you the opportunity to spend time with pleasure and benefit for the savvy.

Features:Original gameplay that will not let you get bored

  • Two additional mini-games
  • A variety of characters on levels with different types of behavior
  • 3 chapters and 35 levels
  • 2 branches of upgrades available in the store
  • Juicy graphics and funny visual effects
  • Developed in the Kiev studio: JED GAMES (www.jedgames.com )
    About the game: http://jedgames.com/funny-bunny /

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