AppMagic: the most downloaded and highest-grossing mobile games of November 2022

With the support of AppMagic, the editors of App2Top have prepared a report on the most popular and highest-grossing mobile games in November (among them: Shotgun Sounds, Car Crash Compilation Game and, of course, Goddess of Victory: Nikke).

The most downloaded games of October

The free charts have undergone significant changes. The first thing that catches your eye is that Gangster Crime, which a month ago occupied the first position in downloads in the world among mobile games, disappeared from them.

Tops of the most downloaded games in November 2022

It is also worth noting the loss of positions in recent hits — Stumble Guys and Survivor.io . The projects are still in the free charts, but most likely, by the end of next month, they will disappear from them.

At the same time, there are quite a lot of new products in the tops. There are only four projects, and we will focus on them.

Shotgun Sounds: Gun Simulator (publisher: DINO Global)

The project only formally refers to games. Its essence is fully reflected in the name — it is a library of sounds of shots of various weapons. The player launches the application, selects the “barrel”, and then “taps” on the screen to hear the sound of a shot.

Gameplay Shotgun Sounds: Gun Simulator

In November, the game was downloaded 16.5 million times. We are talking exclusively about installations from Google Play, the application is not presented on iOS. The only source of monetization of Shotgun Sounds: Gun Simulator is advertising.

Dynamics of Shotgun Sounds downloads: Gun Simulator

The application is mainly popular in countries that are difficult to call rich or prosperous. There is not a single one in the top 10 countries by installations, which is part of the European Union. There are no States here either. But there is Colombia and the Philippines.

Top 10 countries by downloads of Shotgun Sounds: Gun Simulator

Car Crash Compilation Game (publisher: Zego Global Publishing)

Hypercausal project. Formally, the player’s task is to bring the car to the finish line. In fact, the player watches from time to time as the car jumps like a rubber ball to the end of the track, losing details.

Car Crash Compilation Game

Total project downloads for November amounted to 11.6 million. Most of them (11.53 million) were committed from Android devices.

Dynamics of Car Crash Compilation Game downloads

By the way, despite the hyper-casual nature of distribution, from the point of view of marketing, Car Crash Compilation Game focuses on a different audience. At least, this is the conclusion you can come to by looking at the screenshots of the game.

Screenshot of Car Crash Compilation Game in the App Store

As in the case of Gangster Crime, which was also published by Zego Global Publishing, the game pretends to be a colorful race, and not a budget development made up of inexpensive assets.

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games (publisher: Lihao Tech)

Another makeup artist simulator in which the player needs to clean the skin of clients, then apply makeup, pick up lenses, and in the final — help with hair and wardrobe.

Makeover Studio: Makeup Games

In November, the game was downloaded 5.5 million times. Most of the installations (3.9 million) were on iOS. The latter allowed the game to top the free chart of the platform. The largest number of installations (1.6 million) were made in the USA.

Dynamics of downloads of Makeover Studio: Makeup Games

For the Chinese Lihao Tech, this is the first project on iOS (the company has four more on Android, but none of them has been successful before). The main business of the company is the production of electric motors for buses and cars.

Tap Away (Publisher: Popcore Games)

A three-dimensional hyper-casual puzzle, vaguely reminiscent of the principle of mahjong. The player is given a three-dimensional figure made up of cubes. Each cube can move strictly in a certain direction. If there are no obstacles in front of the cube, then when “tap” on it, it flies off the stage. The task is to remove all the cubes.

Tap Away

In November, the game was downloaded 5.3 million times. Most of the installations were made with Android (3 million). However, 2.3 million collected on iOS allowed the game to get into the free game chart of the App Store.

Dynamics of Tap Away downloads

Also note the appearance in the free top:

  • the mobile version of the popular football simulator FIFA Mobile: FIFA World Cup from Electronic Arts, whose total downloads amounted to 14.2 million (11.9 million on Google Play);
  • another clone of Piano Tiles under the name Piano Star: Tap Music Tiles from Potato Games Studio, which collected 13.5 million installations (most of them came again from the Android platform);
  • role-playing battler Valor Legends: Dog Rescue, whose developers use an icon and screenshots to reduce the cost of an advertising campaign, reminiscent of the graphics of the popular hyper-casual game Save the Doge (as we wrote a month ago, many people resort to this approach today). The game has been downloaded 4.4 million times.

The highest-grossing games of October

The key change in the box office charts is the appearance of Goddess of Victory: Nikke in the first positions. There are no other significant changes. However, the appearance of a new game at the top of the box office top by the standards of the current mobile industry can well be called a sensation.

Tops of the highest-grossing games in November 2022

We have already written about the game in detail earlier. Let’s just remind you that this is a role-playing battler, where the core mechanics of combat are visualized in the form of a positional shooter, and sexualized female anime characters act as collectible cards to the grotesque level.

Goddess of Victory: Nikke

At the end of November, Goddess of Victory: Nikke led (!) cash Android top, ahead of Coin Master, Candy Crush Saga and Genshin Impact. In the iOS top, the game took the fifth position, leaving behind Roblox, among others.

In total, the game earned $94 million on both platforms in November. The big box office came from Google Play ($50.4 million). At the same time, it is unlikely that we should expect a game at the top of the tops next month. By the end of November, the daily revenue of the game dropped from $5.8 million per day to $1.7 million per day.

Revenue dynamics of Goddess of Victory: Nikke

Of the significant ones , we also note the absence in the box office charts Survivor.io . After an extremely successful October, when the game earned $41 million, things got worse for the project. In November, the game earned $34.4 million. This is still a great result, but it suggests that the game has not yet reached the plateau.

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