The first narrative runner has been announced

A French developer has announced a very unusual project called Hox – a runner with a plot and dialogues. About the originality and the project in our material. 

Runners are, on the one hand, a boring topic (how many of them have already been and, it’s scary to think how many more there will be), but, on the other hand, they are also very relevant. Today, only lazy people don’t develop them. A simple concept, no less simple mechanics and relatively low risks. This is recorded in the pros. Extremely low ARPDAU with very significant competition are, of course, the main disadvantages. 

Developers try to get out of the situation in different ways. For example, the creators of Le Vamp from High Voltage Software came up with the concept of “indirect control”. In other words, you can’t control the character directly, but by interacting with his environment, you earn him a point and save him from angry citizens. In the same vein, by the way, the ancient Lemmings was made.

Le VampThe approach of Julien Pilongery, who is developing Hox the last ship, is also unusual.

The trick of the Frenchman is that his game has a full-fledged plot, long dialogues with the ability to choose a replica. His game even has several endings. Actually, Julien Hox calls it that: narrative runner.

The story of the game, inspired by the Fallout series, tells about a guy in a gas mask named Hawks. His goal is to get to the last ship from Earth in time. In addition to the gas mask, he has stylish African pigtails, as well as a samurai sword, with which he cuts down rhinos encountered on the way. 

And everything would be fine, but only Julienne asks for € 6,500 to bring the project to the French crowd-funding service Indiegogo. He needs money mainly for the purchase of tools. He asks for the stated amount for the purchase of the professional version of Unity 4 and its package for Android. If the amount exceeds the €10,000 mark, the developer is going to make an iOS version of the game. 

Will he dial? It may well be. There are still 31 days left until the end of the promotion, and the first thousand is already on the Hox account.

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