The director of "Warcraft" has published the script of the film adaptation of the game Full Throttle

Duncan Jones (Duncan Jones), known for the film adaptation of “Warcraft”, turned out to be a big fan of the classic quest Full Throttle. The director shared his 94-page script of the film based on the game, although he has no plans to shoot.Jones was inspired to write the script by a tweet from Tim Schafer, head of the Double Fine studio and creator of the original game.

The game designer posted a link to the fan CG trailer Full Throttle.

“Once again, when my work on the main project stalled, I started writing this — a fan script of a classic from LucasArts, Full Throttle,” Jones said on Twitter.

In the post, he also posted a link to the full text of the script, which closely follows the plot of the original game and also tells the story of the leader of the biker gang Ben Throttle.

Shafer himself appreciated the director’s work: “Of course, I really wanted this year to be better than the previous one, but I did not expect that Duncan Jones would suddenly publish the full script of the film on Full Throttle.”

Duncan Jones, known for the films “Warcraft” and “Luna 2112”, noted that he has no plans to implement a script made at his leisure. However, the director hinted that he may already have a ready-made script for a comedy thriller.

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